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So, the bad dream this morning was of a professor who got personally insulting in class because he thought I was bullshitting him when I wrote "causality is a fallacy" in some paper.  I suspect he didn't know what the words meant.

We went up to the N GA Celt Fest Sunday, and I saw a few people I hadn't seen in a while, in particular one young woman I went to high school with. She hasn't been in country much since then. She seemed taller than I remember. Met her fiancee (who fits the same physical type as the guy she was with in high school). Met another friend's mother for the first time.

Saw some great music, and listened to some Lost Boys on CD (silly filkage)

Saw some interesting bumper stickers on the way up there and at the festival, including "Regime Change 2004" and "Pagan American" (a USA flag with a pentacle in place of the star field).  In fact I was given  the latter sticker by a man wearing the tshirt version. He gave me the web address, but it doesn't seem to work. I'll probably have to scan it.

School paper in next post, and then discussion thereof.


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