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Vacation's over..

Skip=260, thank you all very much.

We had a nice time up in the mountains. I got to spend a fair bit of time just sitting on the porch, reading, in view of a nice cluster of mountains in the lower Appalachians. We caught a sunset or two, and I was horribly burned by the evil daystar (I seem to be healed, so i guess I didn't take Ag.. ) Nothing formal happened, despite the (rush and ) possibility due to minor logistical problems,

We chatted with the local youth in a few towns up that way, and were quite appaled by their lack of entertainment options. Apparently 'cruising' is quite the rage, and it involves driving around downtown continuously.

Our choice of cabin mates was poor, but no one died, and perhaps we learned from it. I did get to play with a 1Ghz iBook 12 inch for a bit, which was nice, all while introducing a new convert to her Mac ;)

Speaking of which, I should have some very new software from out that way this week or so. I don't know if I'll be able to do an install just yet, certainly not before this weekend, and probably not before the end of this term. (I only have rachael here to try such things on, and I'd have trouble getting much schoolwork done without her *shudder* )

I am trying to think more seriously about financial aid. The current plan, then, is to finish up this term (of course), and spend the next one workign at the House, arranging ducks, and talking to advisors (and I suppose bankers), and then maybe going ahead with it in 2005. I am still quite unsure about all of this, and in particular the idea of borrowing money to hopefully 'finish' school (undergrad) so that I can then ... how would I pay it back?

Between here and there is a lot of spanish busy work, a paper, a few more Comm essays, and two finals, to say the least.

Oh, and I'm happy with what I read and how much. Just finished up book three of Orson Scott Card's Tale of Alvin Maker. I'm quite enjoying them. Reminds me I need to do a books entry later..

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