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Wearing: Pretty metallic blue polish, ratty blue hair-thingy

Eaten: I finished off the miso earlier and just had two tuna pate and swiss sandwiches (A bit bland, but nummy).

Reading: re-reading Idoru (Gibson) as part of my reread of his major works.
Oh, and here's some textporn:
Today: Funny you should ask that, as it was part of my Spanish midterm assignment: Cuéntame diez cosas que tienes que hacer mañana. Count for me ten things you have to do tomorrow

Mañana yo tengo que: uno buscar un trabajo, dos levar nuestra ropa, tres acabar con mi examen de español, cuatro limpiar la cocina, cinco fregar los pisos, seis tomar el correo, siete embalar nuestra ropa, ocho comer y beber alguna cosa, nueve me bañar, diez estudiar la historia de la idioma ingles, once tomar la basura afuera... ¡Tengo prisa!

Tomorrow I have to: find a job, wash our clothes, finish my spanish exam, clean the kitchen, mop the floors, get the mail, pack our clothes, eat and drink something, bathe, study the history of the english language, take the trash out .. I'm late!

Being that that was yesterday, I have a lot to do!

Also, please note that there is a purge in progress. If you get caught in it and wish to protest, kindly email the SysAdmin Nazi.  Realize this does not mean I don't like you, just that I don't like your writing. Kidding! Bygones?

Oh, and Hot Topic and Torrid both rock! (Proof in the form of a 640x480 jpeg) Drier stopped, I'm off again!

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