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Lots of little stuff here, skim for your interest. (switches inline spellcheck back to English)

Tried the newer personality quiz meme, but was unamused by it's results (went through it twice, got kittyglitter's result once and betnybean's once.

Had lunch with my mom. Collected plenty of unanswered questions about school, and financial aid, and life, and such. It wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, as we spent most of the time talking about other people (her other relatives, mostly, and bearster).

Am perusing a link from her to a scammy looking freelance job registry: If anyone knows anything about them, or has any recommendations on that topic, I'd appreciate them.

Have neither the cash, credit, nor will to hang a shingle right now, but I'm having to consider it anyway. Overqualified for some jobs I could get, underqualified for some jobs I could do, and not getting calls back when I bother to apply.

Gave almost all of my cash (kept $2) to DT, and am looking to scale my plan back (which won't help at all). Am broke and the credit card is unhappy with me, so I'm cut off for the time being. At this stage I don't see how I can afford to work at the House this fall, which sucks alot since I need the money. Situation here at home is unchanged.

Shrunk the Dock and put it on the right experimentally yesterday. Seems much better there than the bottom, but I keep forgetting and going to the bottom to switch tasks. Maybe the Dock will suck less small and to the side. I didn't get to see the Stevenote (It wasn't broadcast this year) but looked through a bunch of posts on the demos. Tiger sound neat but won't be available for ages. I'll let you all know if I get a copy in the snail or something .. Got Inferno 4 (Public), and the RC3 of Zeta in the mail recently, though.

Am remembering and acquiring basic Spanish at a good clip. Trying to maintain my German and not lose any of my meager progress in Japanese (still need red filter, vellum won't work). Can't start Russian until I get farther with Nihongo.

Read through Stiff, review forthcoming and am starting into other books I got for my birthday. They and the books I got at B&N will get their own post.

Am mostly keeping up with school work well enough as I hit midterm. I have to write a paper for my Comm class, due late in July. Topic is the development of english. Need to look at some sources, and guess a hypothesis.

Politics? Saw Moore film and am disappointed by his work, generally. There was too much venom, too much extraneous material, and far too much emotional manipulation. I really feel that he blew a grand opportunity that will not be had again, and the whole Bradbury thing is just dumb on Moore's part. Kerry == hamster.

Politics or Comics trivia? Of the candidates, which one is the Beast and which one is the Smiler? Answer: Trick question! Bush and Kerry are both the Beast and Nader is the Smiler. I hate it here.

Hair is dark again, as it seems it should be.

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