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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!

Okay, I've thought up a logo for my ramblings. I'll try and get some shots taken Wed night.

HEDU.net should be hosted by the end of the week.

The cable modem's been kinda flakey this weekend. Going to give them a ring..

Nanbear, vidicon, Kat, et al, feel free to email me and give me a hint as to when I might catch you in meatspace. I'd like to catch up with some mammals outside of the house and class, but if not prompted I'll likely forget..

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From: nanbear Date: April 16th, 2001 04:45 pm (UTC) (Link)


Meating, huh? Got that sudden urge to consume large quantities of beef or something more substantial? I'll bet a lot of Lenten respectful Christians are back bingeing on those sacrifices they gave up.

I'm around. I'm interested in getting together. Take a shower, wash the hair, and tell me when and where to meet. Or you can take the ultimate challenge -- drive up to Roswell. I'll cook. Ask Vidicon -- I'm pretty good at it when I want to be.
adric From: adric Date: April 16th, 2001 06:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Meeting


meatspace: n. 1)net slang for physical reality, where most interesting things are made of meat (rather than bits, or metal..) See Also The Real World (tm)
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