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Acts of the Apostles by John Sundman

Kuro5hin has apparently reviewed Acts of the Apostles when I wasn't looking. If you haven't heard this is a really quite good first novel by John F. X. Sundman. It implicates nanotechnology and the computer revolution in the fate of humanity, and is a really thrilling read besides. Go buy a copy! Or if you're not convinced yet, go read the first 13 chapters free online (then you'll be hooked for sure :)

Here's the Salon review of the book: "Hacking the Overmind"

If you understand the history of our computing technology (the Scripture in the book) then read on: This book is based on the alternate reality that happens (branches) if Xerox PARC invents everything (just like they did here) fails to market it (ibid) and is shut down immediately for failing to make money (here PARC is still open, still inovating). In AotA, when PARC shuts down, the project lead is immediately snatched up, as are most of the engineers by other Valley companies, and he (they) becomes fabulously wealthy (in valley scales) _much_ sooner than in this world. He joins the circle of ultra-rich 'self-actaulized' individuals (BillG, Eisner..) whose interest in the world is a game: 'rule the roost' ....

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