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Murder is to be punished by death, except when
the aggrieved forgives the murderer (from S.2 A.178)

That is my result from the 22nd entry 5th sentence meme.

There is sufficient time-wasting-goodness (Ask Coconut Monkey?) in Orkut and the new LJMatch ratings to nearly rival LJ itself. It is remarkable.

I just gained a random Japanese girl. Cute, seems friendly.

And as I stare at the orkut tab, with it's mantra, "Grow your Network Now!", I find myself breaking down into giggles over the simillarities amongst Orkut and the MLM cult I was pitched a few months back. It's tremendously funny, I assure you. If I haven't already spammed you an invite to orkut (hi techaholic) it is likely because I didn't have your name and email address. If you want in, send me the data.

And that phone call was the tech school. Apparently they are getting their Info Sec program started this Fall after all and they want me to come in and take more tests. Interesting ... In the meantime I (re)ordered the other half of my textbooks for summer.
Updated: Talked to Dean, and nothing has really changed, so I told him I wasn't going to school there this summer, and tried to keep it polite.

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