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Wed, frustrations

Licking flames of drama over that way *points nowhere in particular*

I have been spending almost all of my time with some new friends rather pleasantly avoiding my life. Well, amongst running errands for people.
It's all quite untenable, of course.

I had a brief meeting at the tech school today. I met the dean, and got to look over the preliminary transcript evaluation, but they were short one transcript, so that's stalled on that (as is Fin Aid, apparently). More troubling is their presentation of an additional Associate's Degree being necessary for admission to the BS program. This idea was new to me today. I can easily test out of all but about four classes in the AS, and can start as soon as June (!) on the remaining classes, but they aren't the least bit interesting, or in my field. *sigh* I have no desire to take a Visual Basic class, and little interest in Netware. That leaves Databases, WANs, and the Capstone Project. Everything else in the AS program I can teach (and I have taught half of it). It is frustrating.

That is all due to the stark contrast between academic schools and tech schools, and I remain unconvinced of the value of the latter for my education.

The other plan would be to take some more classes at the junior high school, including some Ed classes and some language or another (either blast through accelerated Spanish or actually take Japanese). Those classes might actually involve learning something, but they wouldn't benefit me otherwise (no closer to a piece of paper).

Oh, and still no work, and no ideas on that. Funds are dwindling slowly. Plenty of interesting places to be, and maybe even to live, but no way to help out with expenses, so that doesn't go anywhere.

Now I recall why I don't use semagic. It doesn't actually post entries often. *curse* Of course web isn't working well either... I [re]started postfix, maybe I'll see some mail soon. Posted by email half an hour later.

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