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Palm geekage, and Go

I'm enjoying my Palm Zire 71, and have shown her off to several of you already.
Herein are some things I am still puzzling out or spending time with.
Games: Priorities being what they are, please to be telling me of fun and interesting Palm games. The Dope Wars port is okay. I've been wasting lots of time with Space Trader (a Palm game based on various old BBS Door games. Warfare Incorporated is a nifty RTS game (ala Command and Conquer), but the lack of random map generation and the short list of maps included in the pay version make me balk at paying $30 USD for it. Ancient Red (Diablo like game) didn't boot. PalmTown seems to be one of the better game download sites: .
Go: How should I learn to play Go, now that I have a set (and on the Palm, too)? Besides sucking down all of Hikaru no Go thru BT ;), which I will do, slowly ?
Hackage: I can't get LispMe sorted out with respect to it's library functions. They are supposed to be loaded in as Memos, but I can't seem to get them to import properly, despite following the instructions on the LispMe site. Pippy (Python) runs but doesn't do much, since it's a stripped build of 1.5.2. I've SuperWaba, and I picked up some cool games that way, but I don't know what else it's good for really. Pocket Smalltalk seems insanely cool, but I can't make it dance without grokking Smalltalk and Squeak quite a bit more (And my Smalltalk tutorial attempts have been unpleasant .. )
Media: CSpotRun, my long-time favourite reader program for Palm does not seem to fully support the new OS. I'm guessing at that. It runs and all, but the screen rotation doesn't work. So, I'm using Palm's Reader, which is pretty good. The camera works well, and syncs the JPEGs to my home directory, from whence I can fling them hither or import them into iPhoto, and then push them to snapshots site. (The workflow sucks, but ti all works). The Mp3 player works well, but hasn't seen much use. I suspect I'll need to buy a much bigger memory chip before I'll use that much. I haven't bothered to squish many more video clips or PDF files into the thing, although I can. I've been encoding Heinlein e-texts to Palm, but I'm being driven to copy-edit the damn things.

Languages: I fooled around with bdicty ( and it seems a nice platform. My natural aversion to shareware and commercialware has me looking around for a free alternative, even though the prices are fairly reasonable, particularly the packages.
I have found a rather nice japanese dictionary and kanji-thingy in PAdict ( ). It lets you look up english words by kana or gana, or japanese by english, and also has support for PocketKanji which lets you scribble kanji on the screen and it tries to puzzle out which one you meant (nb stroke order must be right!). Very cool. Quite helpful in practicing the kanji I've learned from LRNJ (

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