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and more interviewage

1. What would you do with $100,000 USD if it was given to you?
I'm not having much luck thinking of wild schemes, so how about a PhD (or JD) and an aggressive investment program designed to generate income. My charities are: NPR, EFF, Project Gutenberg, the Planetary Society (in no order). 100k i not what is used to be. You can get transportation for that, but properties is almost out of the question (save undeveloped land).

2. Other than money, what one thing would get you to move out of the place you are currently living?
Something to do. A reason.

3. Do you ever get scared by anything, and if so, what is it, and why does
it scare you? (items like snakes do not count...I'm thinking more on a
social/psychological level here)

Ignorance. Various aspects of "human nature". Various extrapolations of my fate.

4. What do you do with your time if you're not working? You can only sleep
just so many hours.
This is eather socratic or rhetorical. A quick review of the very medium of this interview would amply answer this question: I watch television, play video games, wander around the Internet, talk to people, hack around with computers, read, and sometimes write or draw. And, for clarity, I do almost all of that without leaving the house.

5. If for some reason the world suddenly no longer had electricity, what
would you do to entertain yourself?

Vidicon and I ran a thought experiment on this. We figure we can have rudimentary current flowing in day or so. Other than reading (tricky without lighting), and teaching, I suppose there would not be much to do.

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