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More from the Killbourne meme (text not work safe)

1. If you had the opportunity to choose your parents, whom would you choose

I think I'd stick with what I have. This is not to say that they're good, but that it could be much worse, and that my mistakes are my own, and their responsibility is negligible. What, was I supposed to pick some historical figure? John Stuart Mill's father, because of his childhood education, and ... *hrrrm* ... having trouble picking a matriarch ....

2. What is your favorite computer game and why?

Overall, I'd have to say the Civilization family (particularly Civ, Alpha Centauri, Freeciv). It .. I'm not coming up with the words. It's such a well-designed game, with so much replayability, and so much draw to a broad range of gamers, including compelling subject matter. Lately, I'd say Neverwinter Nights, less for the games in the boxes (which were fun) but because of the engine and the toolset, and the possibilities they present. The modules and PWs people have managed with NWN will be benchmarks for awhile, and I can't wait to see the competition. On those criteria, I'd also have to mention Half-Life. It's still the best shooter, single and multiplayer, but the engine was open enough that some very creative mods have been published. (Quake is more fun in Half-Life than it ever was in Quake). I'll wrap up with a less-well-known game, which is quite innovative: Uplink. Uplink is a viciously addictive, rather tricky, cracker simulation game. (In runner slang, it's all adrenaline-steeped decker runs on various corp and gov nets). Uplink has quite the cult following. And DiscWorld remains my favorite Mud. Oh, and Nethack, and IFs. Shadowrun for Sega Genesis, and the Chrono games for SNES/PSX. Project LRNJ is actually really good, even in it's alpha-state, particularly it's it's niche (kanji learning). Okay, I'll stop. :)

3. What is your first sexual memory?

I recall doing a variety of things while younger that would develop into genuine masturbatory activity once it was possible. Many of these things became fetishized, of course. How I acquired the habits in the first place I do not know, but once acquired and practiced, the fetishization is straightforward. Skipping over a bit, I recall routinely setting up the laptop to download Mr. T's (now near ) latest scans from nntp://, using Prodigy, at 14.4 bps, all night. I also recall keenly the first time I received fellatio. The memory holds the note of discord which colored my relationship with that person, and another person because of what happened that weekend. More recently, I once thought of another person while masturbating. Although a common occurrence amongst humans, I have been told, that was the first time it happened to me. That and a few other instances of her sneaking up on me in my mind have me, not puzzled, but curious, and perhaps expectant of what that could be about. She may simply be the most obvious target. My swiss-cheese memory doesn't do chronology well. I can't easily place events in time. Once given a trigger (some detail or a fraction of an anecdote), I can dredge up all sorts of stuff. (Ask sophocles for a humourous rant on the subject.) The point of that explanation is that with the right triggers I can remember completely quite a bit. In other words, I could recite my entire sexual history (say) and not miss much, but the tale would be long in the telling. Instead I just grabbed a few of the sharp bits, with one less-sharp for humour, spacing, and false continuity. As always, if you want to know more, just ask.

4. Describe the perfect life-partner for you.

Well, these last few months, someone to work out the kinks in my neck muscles, and help (motivate me to) clean my room (more like rearrange everything)(where everything may well include larger topics than my bedroom) would be quite perfect enough. If I have to be more far-seeing .. someone who I can help, and who can help me, and who I will always be able to talk to, even on matters on which we differ greatly. *shrug* More practical would be someone to break the last few supports of my weak little malformed mind, and then find some useful purpose for me.

I know not of perfection in this existence. Maybe that makes me a Platonist (?). More likely it's the Taoism. either the Tao is perfection (definition), or (Buddhism) perfection is nirvana, satori which are not here.

Right now, all I want is a travelling companion. It si also worth noting that there are people around that fulfill some and all of the criteria I listed. It is up to me to reach them, in that way, somehow. I guess.

5. What advice do you have in dealing with sophocles? :)

With the caveat that anything I say can be used against me as well, I recommend treating him like the person you want him to be. Less high-mindedly, you can help him find a job. Anything you can do to help him out of his rut should endear him to you.

This round represents betnybean's retaliation.

THE RULES: 1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed. 2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions. 3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers. 4 - You'll include this explanation. 5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

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