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Some Odd Movies

In no particular order:

The Majestic: Period piece: McCarthy Era. A newly successful b-movie screenwriter (Peter Appleton, played by Jim Carrey) is named by someone's testimony to HUAC and blacklisted. Upon his movie being cancelled and his actress girlfriend dumping him, he gets drunk and goes for a drive. The resulting accident has him washing ashore on the beach of a small town, and an amnesiac. The townsfolk recognize him as one of their (seventy-odd!) lost war heroes, Luke. He starts dating his old sweetheart and works on fixing up the old theater (the Majestic) where his father lives. Meanwhile Hoover's boys are tracking him down to subpoena his testimony before the committee.

Sorry for the long setup, but without you won't see any tension in the plot (I couldn't in the first half hour or more). It is a touching, and occasionally heart-wrenching movie. The period effects are all well done, at least to my eyes. Carrey acts, and well, which was a pleasant surprise. His female lead is stunning, and also acts very well. I particularly enjoyed the period wardrobe she managed to show off in the movie. In general I quite recommend the movie, but not on a bad day. Also, this movie is for all of us who might feel the need to recite choice passages from the Constitution to government officials.

A note for our younger viewers: "Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy led a series of investigations into suspected Communist activities in the 1950s. A special committee of the U. S. Congress, called the House Un-american Activities Committee. This low point in twentieth century U.S. politics can be compared to the Salem Witch Trials of 17c Massachusetts and to the Alien and Sedition Acts passed and repealed very early in our republic's history. It is the working modern American definition of witch hunt. See this for more historical background: McCarthyism (Wikipedia)

Kill Me Later: A depressed young woman's latest suicide attempt (from the roof of the bank she works at) is interrupted by bank robbers. One of them takes her hostage and they flee the scene, but only after she exacts a promise from him to kill her later. This is a touching and romantic movie whose quality quite surprised me. evokes the same idea of romantic rescue as Secretary did (at least for me). Worth watching.

And some quicker notes for things not seen for the first time: Hellraiser III: Definitely the weakest film in the set, but not bad despite the new creations (CD-Head). Fun enough, but don't get attached to any character except Dax, er Terry .. Eyes Wide Open: Kubrik's last completed movie does not yield it's secrets easily, even on a second pass. I remain convinced that the movie is about jealousy and fidelity (What's the password?). I watched the first episode of Alias straight through. That was great stuff. I'm tempted to buy the box of plastic discs and have all twenty-two episodes available to watch tomorrow. I want to savour the morsels more, and I wouldn't be able to ration them out. No willpower. On a related note, on a shelf near you, for merely $167 USD you will find a foot-long box containing the entire Emma Peel run of The Avengers. Gaaaaaaahhhhh.

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