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Gaming, anyone?

I'd like to get together some people to play an RPG. I have in mind a short run of no more than five sessions in this introductory game. Everyone is welcome, and people with little or no gaming experience are most welcome. This post is to gauge interest, so please respond if you are interested in this or future gaming. The players of this short game will help figure out what sort of campaign game we play, There are a couple of interesting campaign possibilities, depending on player interest and availability, hence this short game.

I have a suitable location available (in Stone Mountain), and have most of the books I need for this short game. The short game will be an introductory D&D (3.x) game, which I'm DM'ing. We'll be generating characters and showing new players the rules the first session, so you don't need to do any preparation. I need to do a bit more, so we're looking at a fortnight from now, say.

We'll worry about who needs to bring what a bit closer in. I have a PHB and a DMG.
DM cookies (like brownie points, but more valuable) to everyone who brings gifts of Mage Knight Dungeon toys or the like.

Please feel free to question this post in this thread or off-LJ, and spread the word to any interested parties. In your response please suggest nights that you are available. TIA

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