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Flurries, while we were entering the grocery store, are an immensely humourous thing to any long-term Atlanta dweller. Whenever there is the slightest hint of snow, the locals here all rush, in unison, to every grocery store in town to buy food, well bread, milk, eggs, beer, and sometime staple goods.

This was after margarita_fri, which was at an Irish pub this week. I blame an experiment with livejournal democracy. Nothing against the pub, mind you, it just seemed an odd location. I had a pint and and a plate of fish and chips,a nd it was tasty. The crowd was abundant, and loud, but there was no violence. Not even against the guy with the guitar.

Restarted the movie. Watching all the office workers die again. And now, naked Milla Jovovich. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. And then with boots.

Right. Well. So the icebook is working again. And Panther (System 10.3) is a tasty morsel, worth the upgrade just for Expose [taps F9] . Only just beginning to play with the server tools, and haven't peeked at the dev tools yet. Fun stuff all around. We'll see how Mr. Steve's minions handle the various legal troubles. Good icebook, nice icebook ...

Still thinking about getting a PDA (again). Current variance is between a $250 Sony Clie or a $250 Palm Zire. The Danger Sidekick gadget is nifty, but would suck too much with my phone service, so no

Holy somethin', the snow's sticking to the ground. Hee, no school tomorrow. Er...

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