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Tuesday, now

wearing: WABE anniversary t-shirt (black with gold lettering), black bdu pants, belts, ugly checked shirt, pink cotton HHW, socks and sandals. Although now that I'm thinking of it, I should change into jammies. *Brr*

reading: I haven't finished League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One. I've read through the comic, and now there's the prose story at the back to peruse. I keep meaning to start my re-read of Magus. Perhaps a bit later tonight...

doing: surfing, playing strife, and spoon feeding the shredder. She has a rather sensitive palate, and so I must slowly feed her in small units that are not too thick or chewy, lest I have to pick her teeth again. Also, she must rest for a few minutes after each snack. Shredding all of 2001 and 2002 should probably have some greater significance, but it's all confetti (No loveletters, just bank statements and phone bills ;)

planning: Er, nothing at the moment... Company coming into town tomorrow.

projects: Well, I managed to do my little exercises this afternoon when I got out of bed. I've been slacking alittle on hiragana. I've got a web app up on my server that I'm testing out, and so far it's going well. My empire in Strife is doing fantastic, except we're bleeding money (half mil a turn most turns), although that's not a project. Oh, and I got a comics box (finally) so I can get all of my books together. May need some bags for that, too.. I twiddled the MTU on this box and that seemed to eliminate some o the connection issues I was having re: crappy bellsouth modem.

The cats are morbidly fascinated by the shredder. They are sure it is evil, and there seems to always be one in observation when the shredder is being fed..

Last chance, final mention. If anyone is desirous of, or in particular, in expectation of, some sort of offering for $winterholiday, tell me now, wait until your next unbirthday!

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