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Bits and pieces of different thoughts

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Finished Shadow of the Hegemon. That was a tasty morsel. I adore Petra Arkanian, and I am therefore troubled by what her fate will be. There are two more books in this saga, and I don't know if they've be published. (No spoilers, please) The author does not have a reliable track record with respect to the fate of his characters, or at least not in my readings. Of course the Bean books are a pre-quel, in the sense that we already know what's going to happen for the history of the universe as related in the Ender books. Anyway, that was the sixth of six of the books in my last shipment. The first one is spoken for, but the rest can go to the library now. Or at the librarian's discretion can go to BookCrossing. I'll not be rereading them anytime soon, so I do not care.

I am trying to recall the various snippets of entries I have composed in my head over the past few days. Of course I had structured a few of them to be put in some sort of unreadable post, or had just decided maybe I hadn't ought to type those things at all. Here's one, of little interest to any of you: I've paid off all my debt. At least one of the other threads is below.

I've screwed around quite a bit more in the various modules of Neverwinter Nights. Even on easy, even with a character who is a minor deity (Elf, Ranger 10, Sorceress 1, Epic Arcane Archer 12, or some such), the boss battles are waaaaaaay too tough. It's irritating me, but I haven't actually looked up the console command for "kill the bitch and let's get on with the story".

I've started back into learning Japanese with one of the books I got last week. It's a reader for written Japanese and is broken up into 72 or so progressive lessons starting with hiragana, then kana, and then working into the 1850 official kanji. I am starting from his first lesson, reviewing hiragana, but I'm having a little trouble getting myself to do it. It's just practice, practice to recall and sharpen what I've already learned, and that's not nearly as interesting as learning new things.
I do need to spend some more time with the spoken language, but I have to make myself sit still and watch or listen to recordings to do that, not having anyone handy who is skilled in Japanese and tremendously patient.
An excuse here is that I haven't had much access to the television while company's been here.

I have not yet started back into my dinky exercise program. I've been backsliding, well, ever since I got fired give or take a day, and I just can't get myself to do any such thing when I fall out of bed.

I feel lonely, at other times alone, and still others want someone to hold. I feel these longings, and they sneak up on me when I am trying to sleep, and yet I do nothing to relieve them. I have none of the excuses I had last month, or the month before that for not calling people, or going, well, outside on my own, but I'm still not doing it. ( On a related note, I will probably see the movie in a theatre with my brother when he is in town next week.) It troubles me further than I can see the desire, and see my inaction, and analyze it, and still do nothing. My detatchment does not come from wisdom or enlightenment. Lest anyone be confused, I am not a good Buddhist. My reasons for withdrawing from the world are not, eh, of a high spiritual nature.

I would like to point out that the relative health of the entire party was not good at all either of the times I have made an appearance in public on a Friday.

I bought some things for my parents for next week. I am covered, as it is said. I am even less interested in the whole fiasco this year than my previous distaste and disinterest. If anyone of you wants (or gods preserve us, is expecting) anything for .. next week, do let me know. Otherwise I will consider the subject closed.

Strife is going well. under the protection the clan, my empire has grown, and grown. I bleed cash but it's not really a problem as much as an annoyance. If you did want aid, please tell me what you need, and where to send it, and I'll see what I can scrape together.

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