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Post in progress ..

Just finished "The Emperor's New Religion". This was an academic-style paper that in measured language, with rational arguments, and presenting copious evidence rips LaVey's Church up one side, down the other and then spits on the pieces. It's all done very politely, and it seems well researched. Of course it's not hard to get people to go on record bad-mouthing the CoS. Apparently the author is a former member, and he consulted with other former members, and with Dr Aquino (of course). It's a fun and informative read, including some basic psychological principles about why religions work they way they do. Google gives us, (which is an earlier revision than I've got). The link I used is in my bookmarks, but doesn't work right now. I've a dead tree copy (30 pp) here, if someone wants it.

If, hypothetically you were dragging someone to @tlanta, what would you show them? I need to check on the hours at the Carlos, and I guess Fernbank .. I dunno if I can get hockey tickets, but I guess so ( I haven't been to a game since the Knights had a female goalie ). Hmmm.. What's left at Carlos after they sent whatshisname back home? ;)

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