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I have almost finished mentally composing an open letter to hang on the outside of my cube at work next week. Some details remain fuzzy, such as how big the font should be, and whether "Whomever:" or "Fuck you all:" is a more appropriate opening. No more about that crap here. Please insert the image of a long depressing post about my life if you need it to fill out this paragraph. That's also been composed, internally, but I'm not writing it.

I am out of bed now. Apologies to all of you who called while I was asleep/crashed/hiding in bed today. Most of my tenative plans for this weekend are off, but I still need to try and call a bunch of you Saturday if I wake up at a decent hour. For those asking, if they happen to see this, I will have to declien the dinner invitation Sunday: Thanks much, but I have to go into work Sunday night.

I found some more material on Hadhafang, the sword wielded by Arwen in The Lord of The Rings, but it's not handy, so I'll probably just make a post of it later. You can turn up the data yourself just by googling a bit. Hrrm. That stuff was supposed to make up the breadth of this post.

Well, I'm only halfway down on skip=20. This should only take a minute or thirty. Okay, I got caught up, and snarked on several people's journals (although neither vidicon's nor theferret's), and now I'm going to eat something and then start breaking the network here. Well, breakage seems to be minimal... (testing that now) Indeed, things are improved. The file transfer problems were entirely caused by Bellsouth's crappy little modem. With it out of the picture, things seem okay again.

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