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Mrrrr ?

Although I was raised by cats, my ancestery is primary rodent, with some weasel and Kender thrown in. And some Gnome, too apparently. To which I add the following bah: "Specialization is for insects. I want to know everything." - Robert A. Heinlein

There was a round red sticker on my (new) underwear when I was pulling them on
this morning, so I pulled it off and stuck it on my shirt. It reads: Lowrise,
in a fairly boring font. Target doesn't seem to have them online, but they
match this (white one): tmi. *minor pout* I wanted to show you what I was squee'ing about. Hmmph. La. It should be noted that online at least they have tshirts and sleep pants. Those are not the PJ pants I got, apparently there's no sign of them on either. Hmmph. Oh, and apparently I now have to scan them, because I have created a demand for pictures. *squirm*

*plug bell* Canton Cooks, the Chinese place open late near to Benevolent Employer makes a great House Fried Rice. Mmmm. It's almost sticky enough to eat with sticks, even. Almost. Tasty, too. Okay now that the carton is half-emty it's so broken up I may need to spork it.

All I have for now. *boink* I should go stare at all the work on my desk for awhile. Sometimes that makes the pile get smaller.

Looking over this entry in editing, I suspect I may be hyper. Not sure why that mught be, maybe phone call right before work. Urf, head starting to ache, need to refill my cocoa.

And I have gawked at this in several catalogs:

It's so terribly pretty. There appears to be no sheath, but it comes with a stand. It'd need a wall mount. Which introduces the obvious question of why buy a sword to hang on the wall .. Because it's beautiful.

So I need to go back to Target and get bikinis for shadesong, pj
pants for bheansidhe ... kittyglitter has not made a
request, although she expressed interest in rhinestones ... This is starting
to be quite a shopping trip. I nominate Saturday afternoon or evening. Who's
coming along? ;)

Also please note that any reported network problems are likely cause by new
DSL, and will hopefully be fixed when I got back to my router this weekend, and that the new default LJ theme does in fact work with lynx, but maybe not with links.

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