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Can't Sleep

So, I'll bang out a post, since it's been ages.

I got caught up with two girlfriends today (of different sorts? yes.), and don't
know where I stand with either of them. Our second round of sushi came with ga
rnish, and a shrimp's head. No, really. It was bigger than the shrimp sushi, res
ting calmly on a bed of laced carrot (or something). I saw my manager at Blockb
uster while renting second Matrix movie. We (me and cosmiclola) wat
ched The Eye and The Matrix Reloaded. One before and one after
sushi. The Eye is a horror movie from Hong Kong. It was pretty good,
and quite creepy in places (much more a horror movie than a slasher flick). I r
ecommend it. After dinner we got started talking about Reloaded which
I hadn't seen, but felt compelled to (as we'll be seeing the third one this week
courtesy of Glorious Employer). She talked me through the movie, consulting her
notes for some of the more complex bits, and it sounded, in more detail like so
me of what I'd heard from other people. Which is to say that they failed, the w
riting sucks, the philosophical stuff breaks down, the fights are way too long,
some crap about ghosts, etc, etc.

So, we went back out and got it at Evil Corporate Movie Rental Chain (the blue a
nd gold one). And chocolate. And we watched it all the way through, and then bac
ked up and slowly flicked through Neo's chat with rich white guy a few times by
itself. And it all actually makes sense, in a deep, complex and really quite co
ol kind of way. I was pleasantly surprised. There's no way anyone could get mos
t (if any) of it watching it just once, without the subtitles. I babbled on abou
t false choices and the fallacy of causality and so on, and we chatted about it
all for awhile before watching some of the extras (including the MTV MA sketch,
which was quite funny). I am now anxious to see where they go with it in the las
t film, and I need to see the rest of Animatrix. I am still a little upset abou
t their use of names. It got worse in the second one with character names like M
orevingian, Persephone, Ghost, Naoibe, and of course Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus.
(I giggled when he wished Zion sweet dreams.) Of course some of that foolishnes
s gets Monica Belluci into the film, and she's quite lovely. It really seems lik
e they just pulled names out of a trendy baby name book without looking up their
significance. (I can't remember who Niobe was, but I think she's in the Greek m
yths, maybe filed near Arachnae). The same goes for the computer geek jargon, bu
t all of those points are returned for having Trinity pretend to use an openssh
BO 'sploit to crack a machine. First use of actual cracking in a motion picture,
but people talked that up when the movie came out.

On more personal fronts, well, there's an enormous amount of nothing happening,
and it's building up. I'm still in training on new job, going through all kinds
of n00b shite (including today's orientation, which I have to be in at 8 for *a
rgh* ). I'm learning the products, but not too fast, and there's only about one
more week before my training is officially over and I join my team (Hi Steve!).
I am freaking out over money, food, housing, transportation, furniture, and char
ities and all kinds of shit that just doesn't matter yet. Next up is getting my
computer back up (or buying another of the godforsaken things), and doing some w
ork on Truck. In particular there is drama associated with the distinct possibi
lity that I will only get paid once a month, which makes things quite awkward.

As for the other girlfriend (SO? probably. Not AFAIK on LJ yet), I caught up wit
h her after work tonight. Well, after the House let out (Another season survived
. Wrap party next weekend. Woo.) I hadn't seen her since Monday morning (when I
was quite ill), and hadn't even talked to her much this week. She seemed okay wi
th it, and thanked me for stopping by (and seemed like she meant it). (I knew co
ming there we weren't going to have any time, well, together.) Her week was more
brutal than mine, and her weekend was ... well ridiculous. She took on way too
much work, but she tromped on through, which is both cool and scary. I may catc
h up with her after the n00b indoctrination today (If you didn't catch it, I'm o
n 8-17 today, but I've been on 15-0 for the last week and a half (except Wed)).
Or it'll be next weekend. It's really a new and difficult thing for me to try a
nd learn a new person on such a tight schedule, much less evaluate our relations
hip or (to use shadesong's words) negotiate intimacy. Yes, well, mov
ing on...

I so need to catch a nap sometime in the next very few hours. And how are y'all?
Apropos of not sleeping yet, I got Neverwinter Nights (Linux) up and started int
o the campaign last night. The engine is phenomenal, but I have to agree with that the game itself isn't all that amazing. Not much cooler t
han Dungeon Siege thus far. I am enjoying the hell out of running around as a Ha
lf-Elf Druid with a bear (!) following me around. I haven't tried shapeshifting
yet, but it's in the game. In Copious Spare Time, with Extra Money I want to pl
ay that game online / host a persistant world. And try every other char class, e
tc,etc. Tried to bang the nastier typos out of this one before posting. Must cra
sh now, or do a good job of faking it.

Finally posted this entry from 300 AM Monday morning. Don't feel like
re-re-re-formatting it, sorry.

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