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Up to the minute reporting?

I'm back from the tech panel (interview 3) and it went pretty well. I got everything right, although I stumbled on one and needed prompting (just nerves, I guess, forgot to check hosts on a website not found error). I should know something definite by Friday at the latest. Right now I'm playing phone tag with someone up there. Apparently she needs some critical datum she doesn't have, but didn't specify in voicemail. And so this post sits in client, since I can 't use the phone yet ...

In other news, the young woman I gave a back-rub to towards the end of the show last night called me back this morning, which was nice, and helped my nerves a little, while waiting in the parking deck of Unnamed Company fidgeting (I was way early). I really have to remember to eat something half an hour before I drive up there (or somesuch). And the Monsters 666 union rep called, right after my interview, to make sure I could work tonight, or ever again ;)

The rest will have to wait until A gets back to me... Sentence structure and typing are suffering notably from my anxiety.

This just in: And just like that, four or so (A, both parents twice each) calls later, things move faster. I'm now scheduled to go in Friday morning to meet with the guys on the team they are considering me for, and the (nice, friendly, easygoing) catbert will call me back Friday afternoon with a definite answer.

Eeeeep! I may pop, apologies for any mess.


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