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It's only a flesh wound..

The kitten tried to climb into my lap here at the desk in the den.
I am not wearing pants. He only hit the outside of my thingh, so it's just a few drops. Ow.

I passed the prelim tech screen on the phone, still dripping wet from the shower. I am waiting for the email which tells me about the open house thingy. So far so good. Answering UNIX and Win2K trivia when not completely awake is no challenge. The tech interview (panel) sounds a bit more intimidating. Later: Got the email, and no less than six word docs with it.
If you knew who the firm in question is, the humour of this would not be lost on you.

I shall put my three dollars plus change into the gas tank and drive north in a couple hours.

For NaNo, if anything, I will try and develop the story I started in on last nano a bit more. I need to get to know the characters better. Hell, I have yet to identify several of them.

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