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Well, the damage seems contained now. Apparently root is supposed to own 90+ percent of the directories anyway. We'll see how the weekend goes..

I think I just hosed this machine completely.

Oh well, it was almost time to blow it out and reinstall it anyway. ;)

Apparently I did this wrong somehow:

from ~root

sudo chown -R root:root *

It seemed to take awhile, but I thought it just chewing on the bayesian spam database (ie .spamassassin) I had just cp'd from another users home. So I bg'd it. It started complaining about being unable to change /proc entries a few moments later, and died. I tried to mutt (to see if spama was working) and got told I couldn't read /var/mail/adric. Uh, oh.

I su'd up. Everything (before proc) is now owned by root. I fixed the /home dirs, and my mail dir, but .. there's no way of reverting the perms changes I inadvertedly made. Hosed. Another one lost to imprudent use of wildcards when root.

Uh, techaholic? *smile* /home is okay, but the rest needs a fresh new coat of sarge ;)

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