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Kill your TV

Well, it's pretty obvious that the lifting of the ban on television and radio advertisement of prescription medication has been a boon to the pharmaseutical (sp) companies, and there is some speculation that it is having the obvious effect (that consumers go to their HMO agents asking for drugs by their brand name). This is probably leading to unnecessary prescriptions of drugs (particularly the psychoactive ones), although it will take a few more years before the studies start piling up.

At least the woman in the adult ADD ad is sexy. Much better than those nasty ads for Paxil, which would probably grant a depressive incident to anyone healthy who watched it, unless they mistook it for a Red Bull ad. These ads are in the same school as the irritating ads for prescription sleep aids which air late at night and into the morning. I think it all began long ago with advertisements for analgesics that actually tried to give you a headache even if if you didn't already have one. The ads for migraine treatments .. Even thinking about those is not recommended.

Oh well, M*A*S*H is on soon.

Poor Annabelle. She has a bit part in one of those 1-800-DIAL-NTT commercials. And the show about sex dreams wasn't much of a step up from "Dinner And A Movie." Was Paul so hard to work with? In related news, Rhonda Shear is apparently still hosting Up All Night. Or so they said in her blurb as a guest on "Ask Rita".

Oh, one more thing. If someone would kill the woman who sings the EBay musical spots, it would help with the slow progress of humanity towards civilization. If you just take out the EBay executive veep responsible, I suppose that would be good, too.

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