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Monday update

Well, let's see. Gave twenty bucks to phone company, which will keep them occupied until next cycle (when they will want it all).

Has anyone heard of a new tabletop game called "Derivation"? It seems a bit like My Word and Says You!. I have one, if someone wants to play. Sadly I have not seen the packet of Cheapass Games I had in some time. I suppose I will have to re-buy them with Extra Cash (in Copious Spare Time).

I watched the Stevenote over a crappy Quicktime stream at home last night, and am still reading the commentary on various sites (macslash, osnews, etc).

Further incremental work on the file server setup at the house. Plug for pornview, a handy little image and movie viewer available in most distros.

I started in on the Adams books. I've read H2G2, Milliways, LUE, and am working my way through the romantic one. It's almost enough to make me want to go outside and meet people.... oh wait, no. Upon further consideration I was surprised to discover that I'd finished that one and started Mostly Harmless before this post.

The truck is out of the shop, and one of the idiot lights is staying on, so it'll have to go back.

Two crappy Supreme Court decisions this week, and those were covered by NPR. I cringe at the thought of what horrors they haven't mentioned yet have come out. And to top it off, the Chief Justice is stepping down, leaving a vacancy for the administration to fill.

I've started the wx Python Tutorial, and have been pleasantly surprised so far. Usually in a programming tutorial for new programmers or a new language, I get lost a bit, and more annoyingly, the examples don't work when I labouriously key them in. So far with wxPy, two sample programs down (both trivial) and the only mistakes were typos, which were easily corrected in pycrust. I'd have to say that for usability, wxPy is indeed spanking Tkinter and Java thusfar. See the site for more info on this crossplatform GUI toolkit.

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