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There has been so little going on that even my struggles to find something to do in my waking hours aren't interesting enough to note.

I charged ten bucks on the Mastercard at the Haji between here and there. This has good and bad consequences. I will not not immediately run out of gas for the truck, but I probably won't be able to pay ELNK this month. Mom is going to pay for the emissions and brake pads, which along with the gas will keep the truck in operation until the beginning of the next fiscal year.

The DTV system has again succumbed to arboreal pressures and inclement weather. The next Lethal Weapon movie (the only thing on) is starting with a Christmas carol.

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Later: In the third Lethal Weapon movie, my surfing ended at this E2 node:
Tips for geeks trying to pick up girls

Now I'm going to go start the novel I'll be reading rather than sleeping this morning.

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