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I'm currently trying to work on:

  • A logo for my business: Cosmic Adventurers, Ltd
  • A logo for
  • and eventually the site layout for each of those sites..(which aren't linked because they don't exist yet)
  • Ad copy for Cosmic, and for the NICEBox

Gotta put in a cd..Mmmmm, Björk

Got LCA book 4 in the snail from Fatbrain yesterday. I've only just looked at the first few chapters, but there were two mild surprises already:

  • Linus Trovalds (sic) name is mispelled in the Acknowledgments for the fourth book straight
  • They specifically say in the first part that a hacker is a talented programmer and a cracker is a theif or vandal, and haven't screwed it up yet (Yay!)



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