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My dad wants me to apply to the local RadioShack store, at least for the summer. (This is in alignment with the idea that I'll be in school in the fall somehow), and I'm pretty sure I can't work for Tandy again, but I'm having some trouble puzzling out why ...
I worked for them in high school, and around my first and seconf years of college. I'm not the person I was then. I'm not good at sales. My language is peppered with vernacular, slang, and pejorative expressions. I would have trouble making the dress code (had trouble with my hair towards the end of the last run). Generally if they did hire me, I don't think I could make it two weeks, much less three months..

Mom offered to buy me new glasses this summer, which is nice of her. I explained that I didn't need glasses, but I should be wearing contacts (make eyes less bad). She agreed, and now I'm wavering about whether or not contacts are a good idea (It's been years, five or more?). Being able to see is wonderful, though..

And more broadly, there are questions I have about financial aid, grants and (ew) loans. In particular, I don't think the restrictions on grants and loans would work well with me. I haven't been able to complete a term with a "full load" in memory. It seems that these programs require you to be a "full time" student or some such. In my previous bout with college, I have sakted the border of "non-traditional" in my rate of progress (8 years (pver three schools) for two two-year degrees).

So tell me about grants and loans?

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