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Some of my crap ..

Want to make some of my crap into some of your crap? (ala George Carlin) ?

The following lists of things, and two collections, are up for grabs. Money would be really helpful, but I'll settle for just getting the stuff out of my way...

SE,SE would benefit from HDD
IIsi needs new HDD
PowerMac 6100/66 DOS Compat.
Performa 6230CD
17" Apple display
21" Apple display
at least two sets of ADB mice/keyboard
a short (10'?) localtalk cable
System 7.5.3 + 7.5.5 floppies set

x86 stuff:
15" Dell CRT (1280 capable, 1024 crisp)
13" IBM G40 CRT (1024 capable, 800 okay)
13" Compaq VGA CRT (640x480x8 only)
at least two pentium 150,166 carcasses (er, barebones)
two iOpeners ( 5x86/200 32 RAM, 16 Flash )
Dell Lattitude laptop 486/50 DX2, 8 RAM, 200 HDD ( works fine on AC, PCMCIA needs testing)

action figures(all on card, VG or BU):
#name series manufacturer c year
Cosmic Angela Spawn 3 MacFarlane 1995
Witchblade Witchblade 2 Moore 1999
Anna Paquin X-Men Movie ToyBiz 2000
Nova Silver Surfer ToyBiz 1997
Fairchild Gen13 Wildstorm (D-Boy) 1998
Fathom Witchblade 2 Moore 1999
Lotus Angel Warrior Spawn 19 MacFarlane 2001
DT v Noldach Kaldane Tarzan:Mars Trendmasters 1995
Scarlett Witch Avengers ToyBiz 1997
Black Cat (TAS) Spider Wars ToyBiz 1996
She-Demon (naga) Hercules:TLJ ToyBiz 1996
Panther Prowl CW LotDK Kenner 1997
Catwoman LoBatman Kenner 1994
Catwoman Batman:TAS Kenner 1993

And the collections:
Comics: 3 to 4 linear feet (1 bis 1.5m) of comics. The overwhelming majority are various X-men books, in particular a spotty run from Uncanny 248 through 300 (with the accompanying X-Factor, X-Men, Classic X-Men, and other doo-dads), some Image stuff (almost all of the first 25 Spawn, Gen 13 mini-series 1) and a bunch of other stuff including single issues of Uncanny into the 100s, some old Wolverines, and the entire Reign of the Supermen fiasco.. Most are in bags, some with boards.

Computer geek books: almost two meters of computer geek books. Overwhemingly from O'Reilly and Associates. Topics include Palm Pilots, BeOS, Unix, Security, and Java. None are alleged to be the current edition, but most are helpful or educational in their field..

Please contact me if you have questions, want the text files, or need directions.

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