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Well, that sucked.

S: So why are you hanging out here?
me: Well, my mom told me I couldn't quit until I get another job.
S: You're how old?
me: 26, or I will be in a couple months ...
S: and your mom ..
me: It's really pretty straightforward from there.

Next best reasons:
two thousand dollars in debt
nothing better to do

I should not go back there again. It should be six months, if not a year before I go back there, and only then as a customer, or a barfly ("Norm!") That little happy exchange was the least of the sucky things that happened (including me going off at the mouth and nearly having to fight a kid, and other highly awkward social behaviour). I do not deal well with stupidity, particularly not when adrenalized.

If I don't go back (which I shouldn't), that would cut off the only income I've had for the last two months (or so). So I probably have to go back. And that kid may still want to fight me. And I may have pissed off some of the employees and alumni, although I can't tell if or how much. Oh, and I lost a pen.

They need a short order cook. It's just east of Decatur, GA. Must be 18 or older, no paperwork problems. 20-30 hours a week, mostly nights. Know anybody who needs a job that badly? 5.

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