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Henry, the War has been going on for two years!
Surely they are showing a profit by now?

-- CAP "Hawkeye" Pierce

Pierce and McIntyre are trying to get an incubator. (It's raining, so the satellite dish isn't providing any TeeVee, thus broadcast, and it being midnight, M*A*S*H). It's in fact good reading weather, particularly for stories about tornadoes and crazy rednecks. (I'm halfway through the Sweat draft).

And I watched the Yatta flash. Moving right along, I have also squeezed out a few more paragraphs on my poor writing project (most recently mentioned here during Nanowrimo). I have figured out some more about what's going on, and made some scant notes on those developments in a spoilers file. I'm also making progress fleshing out the protagonist, but the minor characters are all still bare shades.

I've got two main 'stories' percolating slowly. It occurs that although both are suited to being either stories told, or stories run (ie GM'd), one is better suited to fiction, and the other to being run as a game. (The story one is what I tried to Nano). I need to wrench out some more details of either, somehow or another. Right now, I'm going to make some more progress in Sweat.

And now (5:30 ET), having finished reading Sweat, I am going to crash. Because it's just the sort of thing you should read right before you go to sleep for twelve hours, right? slight *grrr*

Tomorrow, I must fill out FAFSA. If I happen to forget, or successfully procrastinate, you are welcome to remind me of that. Tuesday: Filed FAFSA, watched Spider-man (HBO) and now X-Men (FX). Near Wed, the rain picks up again, and the satellite glitches out. Fallout 2 calls me..

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