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So, I gave (am giving) two of my dad's exams today. Which means that I spent
several hours sitting in front of a Gateway flatscreen, passing the time.

I've been fairly productive. During the morning one, I stumbled both APs, (but never
got online). I tried not to let myself waste too much time on that (plausible
deniability played a small role too ;). I caught up on /. and such nonsense and then
read through some more softcode stuff, from M*U*S*H. Now I just need to practice
rezzing pets and programing them. With the hints in the Pets lecture I may not be
too far from self-reproducing rodents *EG*

After lunch I took a nap. During this evening exam I've been linking around on
hiragana and Japanese learning stuff. In particular I am looking for a 'gana chart
for the wall (ceiling) at home, and some simple text I can use (as per Kim's advice,
echoed here (midpage,cmd-F):

1.Get yourself 4-6 pages (I mean full ones don't cheat and get lots o' piccies!) 
of Japanese text from webpages (the Mainichi Kids News is ideal as there's
practically no kanji and even when there is it's supported by furigana) and
print the suckers out.
2. Grab a writing pad and with a copy of the hiragana chart at your elbow, 
re-write the WHOLE LOT into roumaji in the beginning you will have to look 
each and every character up repeatedly and, trust me it will drive you NUTS!
but this is a good thing. It shows it's working cos the more frustrated you 
get at having to look each character up your brain subconciously memorizes 
them faster (well it did for me!)

And just a little farther down, someone googled up a link for the site he's talking
about, So, I peered at it, tried turning my
head sideways for effect, and finally printed a thin stack of pages anyway. But,
there are quite a few kanji in the pages I printed, and I am dubious of the
usefulness of the source material for gana transcription. (Kim's suggestion was
actually to use manga, but I didn't think to ask her about kanji while I had her
handy. Oh well, maybe in another three years or so..)

So, should I just try and munge out the Romaji of the hiragana and katakana, and
ignore the kanji? (It was alleged that Mainichi Kids would have furigana for most
of the kanji, but I can't tell if that is the case.) Or is there a better source
for preschool japanese text ;) ?

Doomo, minasan! [thanks, everyone] (Oh, and I posted the links I dug up in adric_ja )

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