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Psychological shrapnel?

Rather than inputing new data into my neural nets this morning, I have just been bombarding them with high explosives and virulent toxins.

I've been reading Cheap Complex Devices and am now going back to watch Chapter 18 of Broken Saints. And then I'll read some more of the "Notes on the Source Code" .. And watch Chapter 19.

And maybe my neural nets will sublime1 and drift languidly out of my nasal and oral orifices at that point.

CCD, ostensibly a collection of short stories, is in some way related to John Sundmans's novel Acts of the Apostles. (Mind you it's no way I could explain, briefly or at all, so there are no spoilers here.) I've talked about Acts here before. So, briefly, it's a fun little hackerish novel with a good thriller plot line and some very interesting memes about the world. You should read it. I have a single paperback copy that is up for grabs. And, now both books are available in PDF format on the author's website:

CCD is a complete mindfuck, in a slim package (harsher than RAW's Schroedinger's Cat, and much more sharp,pointy,barbed than any Vonnegut I can recall). I don't recommend it as light reading, and I'm not sure I recommend you read it at all. It's very cynical in places, will offend almost everyone at some point along the way, is quite hard to follow except when it's impossible to follow. You will definitely need to read Acts first before you try it. It may prove enlightening, however..

Broken Saints is actually deserving of a simillar recommendation, (mindfuck, offensive to all, enlightening, etc) except that it flows wonderfully, dragging you along even when you don't know wtf is going on. Plot, character development and exposition happen slowly but quite steadily. There are cameos and in-jokes galore. (if you missed it the first 5 times).

1: sublime, vi: to shift from solid to gaseous form directly. Not to be confused with either Sublime (a defunct pop music group of dubious value) or Evanesence (a current pop music group of dubious value which needs the Aqua-Audacity treatment (ie quick and dirty track edit to remove annoying male vocalist from otherwise catchy mildly irritating pop music)

And Happy Beltaine, all!

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