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As certain as I am that I should be trying to socialize, meet new people, usw. I suspect after this evening (in particular) that these are not necessarily the right people (certainly not for me right now). I'll go back in a month or so and see how it goes.

Or maybe they should've used the ducttape, instead of just presenting it as a threat. After all:

  1. I need to learn to shut up.

  2. I need to learn to be quiet and listen.

  3. I am not (as yet) capable of doing this (shutting me the fsck up) myself., and thereby email, are now working again. Time to unsubscribe, resubscribe, etc. Comment emails have been trickling in backwards all afternoon. (Thanks techaholic).

And once more I found myself having to defend Abuse policies and the Team itself, in meatspace. I wish I could help, and I know that arguing isn't it. Refer to the part above where I need to shut up.

And (Parallelism or poor writing? you decide) And I'm at home, fully awake, at 0100. I could go chase MUCK links, or login and try some softcode. I'd need to pick a manual for that first..

I thought about logging into Furry, and read up on it a bit. I need to stay clear of there until I have a character (not an acct, mind you. The docs say how to get an account/login. They have nothing to say about what sort of whatsit to be on there, etc) Or maybe a linked path will reveal itself after I post this, as I catch up on email and LJ, and such.

Indeed, even as I shuffled windows around, it was revealed that I have Chapter 18 of BrokenSaints queued up. (Is there not already a comm for it?)
That and the instructions here for converting a remote machine to Debian are quite interesting, if not really shocking. The closest trick to evil hackery is rpm -i basedebs.rpm. And then you run debootstrap. Hardly shocking, but cool.

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