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So, I felt motivated to spend another morning chasing old links and beating my head against manuals .. trying to figure out softcode (yet again).

I grabbed and built tinymux 2.2, which includes SGP 1.0, and built it with WoD Realms,

I'm googling around to find some help with softcode, and keep finding deadlinks or help with the softcode of muxes I don't have (ie MPI) ... Opendirectory seems to be coming up with good stuff. Okay well, stuff that caught my attention, even though it's almost completely non-helpful. Like this item:

Auction II - MPI slave auction code. Yowza. (Nice [furry] art. Go look now.)

And I grab and build TinyMush 3. Maybe some of the examples will match up syntax-wise with mush 3 than they did with mux 2 ... Well, i am trying to build it, anyway..

Gwen Morse's MU* Learning Page has some good links. She is apparently responsible for some famous WoD softcode, and offers other tidbits. Of course most of her links are for PennMUSH (which is softcode incompatible with MUX and MUSH) ... And I would like to state that if all five hundred people who note that they had to learn to code by themselves, piecing together the code snippets and manuals available with lots of trial and error .. if all five hundred of these people had written a paragraph or two, there would be be a freaking manuel by now. And don't even get me started on softcode formatting and functional incompatibility...

Tiny 3 built. I wonder if Penn will build on this thing ... well, it configured, but make failed on the devel branch (1.7.7p13). *Sigh*

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