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More fun with Domain Names


Please click next to each domain name that you are interested in registering.  
Taken [squatted, assholes] [squatted, assholes]
Click on the link to see who has registered this name. 

If you know what this is about, please comment, if not, wait awhile till I/we light it up :)

Oh, and a lesson for the kids and newbies in the crowd: If you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual or corporation is spamming or squatting domain names, it's justifiable homicide. Just make sure there are lots of web-savvy folks on the jury and you'll walk (IANAL, IANYL, etc.).

Thank you for using, Ben. The domain have been registered.  A receipt will be sent to you at:  You are now a member of the Internet community! 

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