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Ow - nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!
What a night. My head hurts. Mostly from laughing so hard. The surreality scale needs to be recentered/adjusted somehow. We may have blow the top off the thing.

Unfortunately, those of you not present for the evening will never get to
hear the full tale due to some nasty NDAs with a local cabal of evil sorcerors (who incidentially work for local government).

Key phrases:

For the first part of the evening (at Taco Cabana and WaHo):
"And that is why you don't get bl*wj*bs, Strobel"

For the second part (text redacted)
"Sure. I wave to them *waves*"

Ow. And this machine's hardrive is clicking, in a not nice way.

Current Mood: amused amused

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sophocles From: sophocles Date: April 22nd, 2003 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)
*chuckle* btw I got home okay.
adric From: adric Date: April 22nd, 2003 02:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Cool. Thanks for the note.

head hurts....
bheansidhe From: bheansidhe Date: April 22nd, 2003 10:46 am (UTC) (Link)

Sorry we had to miss the fun

I too was headachy this morning, but more from dehydration. Ugh. Bad ocean_song! Bad for bringing margarita mix to my house!
On the other hand, she brought me tylenol in bed. Good ocean_song!
pinkeffigy From: pinkeffigy Date: April 22nd, 2003 08:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am going to just bite my tongue and walk away from every comment I can make here. I hope you note my gesture of goodness.
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