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A moment or two ago, while I was struggling with this server (wtf do you do when ls and gzip and grep segfault ??) I had noticed the rumblings of thunder.

Then sirens, in the distance...

And now there is a torrential downpour of rain and hail. Little pellets
about the size of gerbil munchies pummeling the crap out of everything outside,
and plinking off the metal boxes outside the house (A/C) with a feriocity that made me step away from the windows for a few minutes.

And now, ,just like that, the soothing sound of a gentle downpour. The hail must have
been for less than 15 minutes. And now the rain is softening again, working down to a steady drizzle.

I should've recorded this, just for the foley.

Anyway, which ever of you it was: The ritual worked, now cut it out? Sheesh.

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