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Another dawn

I came by cosmiclola's house after work last night to chat. She seemed particularly interested in the second of my two chats this week, and asked some more probing questions, along a different tack than the person I had that talk with had... Rather than going on about the development (implementation) of my hangups, she touched briefly on one of my nastier experiences (The answer I did not have then is, "She is not the person I knew then.")(The other question gets its own post)... and then moved back through my complaints about socializing (which motivated the discussion originally) to asked me what it was bothered me about the situation. And so I told her, and in the telling, gave her a few little things that I'd been keeping from telling her directly. Some niggets of raw pragmatism, nihilism...

I was so close to tears (They were sneaking out unbidden from the corners of my eyes) when conversation turned to trivialities (I never found Tara (Willow's girlfriend) attractive. Many people disagree violently with this assertion) and she drifted off to sleep, that I decided against driving home. So, I just read Bag of Bones. 4 or 5 hours. I suppose I should time the next one. Fun, bloody hilarious in places, but the formula and cliches are beginning to bug me more. Oh, and I read Lunatic Cafe last week. It was a fun little read, but the tricks the author has lowered herself to remind me of Tom Clancy's excesses. And she's going to run herself out of mythological creatures and preternatural species if she doesn't slow down a bit..

And so, I am torn between trying to take a nap before sunrise, or just going out to find breakfast. Either way, the dawn will break in a couple hours, and I will be here for another day.

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