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Open Questions

Poll #125029 Happy?

What can I do to be happier?

Poll #125030 Socialize?

Why should I go out and be with other people (i.e. socialize)?

I've had two rather long, quite meaningful conversations in the last few days, and unusually, they were mostly about me. (As opposed to being mostly me talking about other people, or mostly about the problems of the other individual. It's probably symptomatic). Each brought up some rather good questions, including a few I did not have a ready answer to. The first question is from the first discussion, which was of a metaphysical, philosophical, and theological nature. The second one relates ro the second discussion (about sex hangups) more, but rather than being one which stumped me, I picked one that other people can try to answer. (the one I'm dodging is, "Why did you stop?", which I may try and address here, but I don't see as a good survey question).

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