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Now that I am back home (after minor 50 mile detour and calling up the Emergency Furniture Redistribution Hotline)... I really should,

fill out one of them there one zero four zero thingies, and make it postalable by, say, noon E-filed for about twenty bucks.. (stupid cashing out my 401k nonsense (184.56) bounced me from EZ)

copy various data therefrom into FAFSA worksheet (currently mostly blank, needs to be filled with zeros, mostly)

find courthouse; get paperwork to courthouse (signing it is good, too); can be snailed apparently

wash some clothes (I was near-stylishly dressed in tactical all black today, which happened to be one of the hottest days this year so far..) ... including travel jacket ... ran delicates but haven't dried them, and we are out of soap pellets ..

apply to GSU online (or at least go check the admissions site)

pay phone bill

pay road taxes

rescue orphaned furniture from restaurant (sp!) where it stored inside safely, but is in danger of being copulated upon (furniture graciously orphaned by nondescriptdave)

distribute orphaned furniture (Reminder: People who help move furniture get first dibs.) Shelves are on the porch of the IHoB,a nd the recliner is iin my parents garage.

make tuesday dinner appointment Done. See poll a few posts up.

make new upic of hair highlights (or at least try)

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