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From:  Adric <>
Subject: draft NIST SP on Intrusion Detection Systems

	I read through the draft of the NIST SP on IDS and found it quite interesting. It does seem to meet it's stated goal of explaining the basic theories of IDS for novice security technicians to better understand how IDS are and aren't useful, and it will likely be a welcome addition to any organization's security planning.

	That said, search and replace (in Word) (or sed s/hacker/attacker in Unix) each instance of the word hacker and replace with the word attacker. The expression attacker is far more precise and correct, and is used thoughout the document. It is only in a few isolated cases towards the back of the document that this minor error is made.  It is however significant that an important publication from an respected authority (NIST) not further encourage such common errors.

Ben S. Knowles, LCP

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