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Suspicious behaviour observed..

So, it seems dark powers are marshalling their forces in order to "force me to socialize".

They are devious and persistent. When I was able to refuse a direct request by one of their number (which required a handy excuse and some willpower), another of their young women was dispatched. She called my phone while I was ostensibly working, and asked again, with her beautiful phone voice, neatly dodging my previous excuse, and I capitulated to her entreaties. She agreed to call me back with details, and I went back to "working".

I am flattered, as I suspect I should be be, but somewhat worried as well. Particularly since I didn't hear her last remark on the phone, and was in mixed company such that it is unlikely I could have replied in full...

Update, Wed: No member of the sinister cabal has seen fit to contact me about the activities planned for Thursday evening. My call to the only known cell location went unanswered (IHoB, Kitchen Vibrator). So.. I have logistical questions which go unanswered:

Where am I going? How do I get there? When am I expected?
What should I wear? What should I pack? Any other special directives?
(no solid food 24 hours before proceedure, etc)

Failing instructions (As we all know, I am in need of instruction ... ),
directions will do in a pinch. Past that, I will try to remember to go limp when the drugs hit..

*schoolgirl giggle*

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