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DirecTV says:
Horror. William Shatner, Allyson Ames, Eloise Hardt.
(1966) An angry demon sends an incubus to wreak havoc after a fellow succubus falls in love with a mortal. Filmed entirely in Esperanto. (Stereo)

Well, that explains why I couldn't place the language. *snerk* It's subtitled in English. It's on SciFi right now, and it seems pretty good so far. For language
geeks it's fun just to hear people speak Esperanto...

A young woman teases an drunken and diseased man at a well reputed to have healing powers. She entices him to follow her to the sea, where she drowns him, and buries him in the sand. A group of black-robed women approaches from down the beach, and she goes to speak with their leader. The young succubus, Kia (kai-uh), undaunted by older succubus Amael's advice (She warns kia of the terrible power that good people possess, Love)
desires to pass up the easy prey of drunks and degenerates near the Deer Well and seek a true challenge in the seduction of a good man. After first spying on some clergy and observing their various sins, she returns to the well, where she spies on a man and his sister. She follows the wounded war hero Marco (Shatner) back from the well, where he journeyed, to his (and his sister's) home.

After another lecture from Amael, trying to warn her off, she approaches his home. She spins him a story about being lost on the way to the field and he offers her food. While picnicing out front, a solar eclipse occurs. She appears frightened, and he holds her. He just told her "We've spent the night together." She rushes off, and he insists on escorting her.

Marc's sister Arndis cries out for him, as she has been struck blind (?). Amael quiets her with a gesture and she crawls away. Marc and Kia journey on through the countryside. They ford a stream by wading, and in contrast to her earlier victim, she helps him when he falls. They close in on the sea, where the tide is exposing the corpse. On the other side of the stream they pass over a hill, tumble down the other side, and end up embracing. He kisses her. She entices him towards the sea, and he asks her to come back with him. (During their disagreement, the movie flashes to the corpse tumbling in the tide.) He speaks to her of souls and love, and she speaks of lying (naked) [nudo] in the sun and (physical) togetherness. They embrace and kiss again. The sister stumbles along through the woods far behind them.

Marc tells a sleeping Kia that her loves her, and then picks her up to carry her home. Amael, following them, prods Marc's sister into returning, by the sound of the church bells. Amael send sister into the church after them, where he has carried her nearly to the altar rail, when the bell begins. She wakes, starts, and has a small fit, clawing his face in her struggle before running into the courtyard, where she collapses crying. Amael, comforting her, urges revenge, calling his declaration of love an "unholy rape". Marco broods in the church, where his sister finds him (She can see, although it is dark, the candles and cross.) They talk, and he speaks of his love for Kia, as though he has known her all his life (or even "for a thousand years"). They head home as night falls.

Amael and Kia journey through the woods and then stop at a makeshift shrine. They prostrate themselves before a vaguely winged thing, and Amael calls for vengance (contining the use of terms like ravage and violation). A dirty male demon crawls from the earth, and they whisper to him instructions, urging him to take Marco's soul (but not to kill him). Marco and his sister bid each other good night, and them Marco hears his name called on the wind. He leaves her to sleep and heads outside. he follows the voice to an abandoned home (where the incubus is waiting). Kia beckons him away, and he follows her back towards the sea. Amael sends the incubus to ensnare his sister (in the form of a young man) while she is alone, and bring her to them.

The handsome young man tells Arndis that her brother fell through the floor of the old house, and otherwise entices her to follow him. He leads her to the house, and Marco nearly falls off the cliff at beachside. As Amael watches, the robed succubi hold down his sister, tearing her dress, and the incubus closes in on her lustfully. (Lots of sloppy edits in that scene). The house is flooded from within with light. As Marco looks for Kia at the seaside, the succubi carry Arndis's prone form out of the house. As the moon pokes through the cloudcover breifly, Marc finds his sister's robe outside the old house and enters(?). Kia comes near the house, and makes a sign at it before walking off.

Marco returns home to Arndis, who whimpers to him to save himself before passing out again. He makes the sign of the cross over her (continuity break here), which makes the succubi flinch and the incubus attack. Marco and the incubus fight, although the incubus is stronger. Marco picks up a lit torch and attacks with it. The incubus forces Marco to cut himself with the torch he was wielding, and Amael urges the incubus to let Marco kill him, so that the murder will taint his soul. Marco buries the torch in his chest. Kia rushes to Marco and pleads with him to come away with her, offering to hide the body, alleging that he only killed him in revenge. They wander a few paces and Marco begins hallucinating, crying out about the sun, the stars, the earth, his hands, his blood .. and finally repeating "down below" a couple times.

They come in their stumble through the woods to the shrine. Kia begs him to come with her, but he resists, and is drawn away by the church bells. She cries out, "Your soul is mine!" and he retorts, "My soul belongs to God" and leaves.
Following him, she encounters Amael. They struggle broefly, and Amael allows Kia to subdue her and feigns death. After Kia leaves, she crawls to the incubus. Kia follows the dying hero into the church, stopping to skirt the cross outside, and again at the entranceway. the incubus confronts her, and she professes her love for Marco. She makes the sign of the cross at him, and he tkaes his true form (okay, a goat head appears). She struggles with the goat head, grasping it's horns, and MArco bellycrawls near to her. They embrace and the goat (a real goat now) pulls back, and looks confused. (The film goes negative (white goat black background) and the credits roll).

Well, that wasn't worth watching, or writing up, at least not that edit anyway. Aw nuts. Now Jules Verne is on, but it's 0500 local time and I need to crash.

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