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This weeks reading:

Sorry to have not written much..

Some links from this weeks reading, which relate to internet security,
wireless networks, and suchness.

Cypherpunk hackers, engineers, and other malcontents have been known to
mutter about how the Internet is, well (begrundingly) kinda nifty, but just nothing compared to what's coming, of what our comms tech is capable. They do not do this just to frighten the MPAA/RIAA. Here follow some breadcrumbs that may help you find a trail to what this new 'Net will be like: (He hasn't heard about : ) (wireless mesh network hw and sw) (but it wouldn't surpise him either) The IANA for the new Net? A news portal for this activity

And on elink explaining why it isn't likely to involve IPv6:

Oh, and I finished Zen And .., and so has my dad. He disagrees with the conclusions about the motivation of Plato and Aristotle (as I expected) but
has made little comment on the rest of the book. I am waiting to run into
someone who has read it and wants to talk about it...

And then there's this org:
which wrote this manual
which provides for an open standard for security testing and analysis (!)

Also, my general interest in education has been spurred by recent events, so any data you have on homeschooling, Joint Enrollment and other high school alternatives would be appreciated. General discussion of terms like education and schooling is okay, too.

Remember that scarcity is an illusion necessary to the maintenance of certain outdated social and economical systems, and that any sane and healthy activity which hopes to create human civilization will be directed towards the dispelling of this illusion and the replacement of these systems with better ones based on current knowledge, technology, and enlightenment.

OTOH, the kids we are trying to raise right now will have to somehow exist in both worlds (eg get and keep McJobs to move little green slips of paper) for awhile yet, and it may not be fair to them to raise them to live in a world we haven't succeeded in creating yet. Teaching them to cope with the unreality (Buddhist: mana) they will encounter everyday may make more sense. Of course, I'm not the one to do that, as I haven't figured it out yet m'self... As soon as I finish paying for this computer, I may go walkabout.

Maybe once we have our comms tech properly bootstrapped we can do something about our energy tech (internal-combustion ?!) and finally get this show on the road. There should be some arrable land available on any of several continents after the coming water wars and AIDS thin the population a bit. Whee.

"Will teach for food and bandwidth"

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