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Clip art?!

While trying to find some symbols someone copied from their hand to mine (yeah, I know *sigh*) I ran across this amusement (below). I haven't ordered , and probablly won't, since they want me to snail a check (?!), but if word gets back to them, I'll paypal or card them 25 bucks to ship me one of their CDs.

Magical Mystical Symbol Libraries:
(tiff clipart of religious symbology, deities, and some historical engravings)

Anyway, I still haven't sorted out the symbology. I thought they were zodiac symbols, but they aren't. May just be nonsense. I don't have that nifty tome that contains all of the symbolic systems, (or that link for searching a symbol online), so I'm at a loss here ... The clearest one is a phoencian/latin numeral 4 open at the top, with an extra looped curl in the top left and a point > on the end of the right branch. I know I've seen these symbols before, but my brain never seemed to make it out of neutral today...

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