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Shitty week, was Columbia lost on re-entry

Update: Thanks to the callers who contacted the station to ask if things could get worse. Eris has heard your prayers. The summary follows. Thursday night/morning (000-0730) spent at Northlake watching over my grandfather's bed so my Mom could go home and sleep. One nap there, and one more at home, and off to work Friday night (insert sophocles's oil-solenoid-starter fiasco). Catch a few (4?) hours crash sleep and then go teach class at 1100, and after the fourth call go to restaurant straight from class, skipping nap. Start delivering at about 13, kinda slack, pay phone bill, go to bank, eat some, deliver more .... Around midnight, returning from 18th and 19th deliveries, see patrol car racing down Church (parallel to Ponce) and wonder if it might be going to restaraunt. Park next street over and walk with empty bag as parking lot is full of patrol cars, ambulance(s) and a fire truck (pumper?). Uh-huh. Am not allowe to enter, and wait awhile outside on porch before manager sends somebody out to settle me up. Am home now. Sordid details of attempted armed robbery available from local news RSN (I guess, nothing yet). No one dead at scene, two employees left in an ambulance but should be okay.

Now back to your regularly scheduled shuttle disaster:
NPR is reporting that the Space Shuttle Columbia has apparently disintegrated on re-entry, and all hands lost.

Some debris has been sited near it's last know location ( ~200K ft above N Texas) and there have been no communications from the crew since around 800 central time.

They're gone. I've flown shuttle landings in sim. Once you do a burn to break orbit, it's dead stick all the way to New Mexico (or Fl in their case). No power, no chutes, nothing.

The crew included the first Israeli in space.

Please check with other news sources for more pointless details, and enless talking. If in Texas, check local news for debris advisories. The wagers here at the house are on a single cermaic heatshield tile, NPR's wonk seems to think metal fatigue.

*scream* When some asshole stands up in Congress to cut NASA's budget further after this, who will stand up and accuse them of negligent homicide for the budget squeeze on NASA since Apollo? *growl*

I'm off to go teach class. Mobile should work. Fuck.

What was the STS mission number?

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