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Coming soon to a couch near you? Unlikely

My relationship with my mother could not be characterized as mature or healthy (individual characterizations are simillar). In particular, the very event of her suggesting I do something generally decreases the liklihood of me doing it. This can be really irritating (as well as counter-productive) when it is something I was going to do before the nagging. On top of this, she is meddlesome, and she steals, occasionally (Sorry, N, apparently she read your holiday newsletter.) In summary, she treats me like I'm a twelve year old, and I respond like a fourteen year old. Some fun, and reason enough to avoid trying to discuss, well most anything important with her.

As i was beating my overly tired head against jabberd admin (somewhere in the temporal vicinity of Enterprise, West Wing, and Law and Order), my mother tried to pick a fight with me. Ostensibily, she was concerned that I refused to contact a representative for U. Phoenix who she believed was expressing interest in me. (Of course what had actually appened is that she (my mother) had filled out some web form with them, prompting the call. Meddling.) After I answered a couple of her questions, I caught on that she just wanted to fight, and started ignoring her as best I could, and I told her so, specifically, that I didn't want to rehash this argument right now.

Towards the and of her extended and detailed enumeration of why my life is so bad, she actually broached the topic of throwing me out for the first time. She was getting pretty shrill by that point and her voice was breaking, but I think she alleged that if I didn't go to the placement office or get an interview in a month I'd have to leave. (Or something like that. I was trying to tune her out.)
She is under the impression that the placement office at the junior college could help me find a job, despite all evidence to the contrary. I had been trying to get in touch with an advisior at that school before the holidays (to ask about substitute teaching requirements) but I haven't taken that up again yet. (Other than the nagging (see introductory paragraph) rationalizations and excuse include: it's the first week of a new term and she's busy, I only managed to be diurnal yesterday (Wed) for the first time in a week or so, I feel awful.. et al )

My remaining few reasons for hanging around are crumbling under the strain.
It is starting to look like I may fall short on my remaining responsibilities.
I am awake again, and have been for a hour or more, despite having gone to bed at 11 last night (after having woken up at 5:30 AM or some crap that day).
The fogginess and general aching of the insomnia is pretty bad, but I think I prefer it to lying in bed letting my mind wander. It doesn't wander very far.

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