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Monday already?

Argh. I have been futzing around with the wireless LAN, and routing the modem connection, thereby being reminded of simple arithmetic ( 26,400 / 2 = 0 ). Oh, and I'm house and pet sitting for the rents. Other excuses for my absence and lack of productivity are even less exciting (sloth, gluttony, lust, video games, etc). (Icewind Dale is really tough, even on "Please don't hurt me, mister.")

So, I can VNC to the winders box (with the winmodem out to elnk) and toss files through the air, but when I turn on routing there isn't enough connection for either machine.

And my only Johnson called to wake me up twenty minutes ago, as apparently she has some work for me tomorrow. She may drop by, in which case I can serve the cheese and crackers in the fridge. (I had a potential dinner guest cancel on me last night out of illness)

Still need to haggle with highway bandit over size of invoice and practice hiragana.

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