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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)

Need game ...

So I'm browsing Amazon's used games listings (and Macplay's bargain bin)..

Fallout new 19.99
Icewindale new 29.99 used 24.99
FAKK 2 new 19.99 used
BG2:SoA new 26.99
Vampire used 12.00?

Currently, I'm leeching the fallout demo, and trying to find out if it
requires Classic. whee.

Sat: Yep, actually had to boot System 9 to play the demo,
but it was pretty cool. Looks like Fallout is pulling ahead of the pack.

Sun: season finale of the Sopranos was worth watching, but no teaser?!
Anyway. I got 10 bucks at amazon for the Berkely IT Career study (*giggle*) so I'll be looking to leverage that to get a game.. and they don't have Fallout just the sequel, so .. Icewindale is looking up. Suggestions?

Okay, ordered ICewindale from Amazon. Should be here in a month or so. I
ended up setting up a new account with them, so I started a wishlist *smirk*.

Also, I have been quoting in softcode to ShinyMUX (my local TMX 2.x server what I am using for testing m** stuff). I've got SGP 1.0 in, which is quite nifty (oooh, mutter), but I haven't found a chargen that works yet (I'm on the third try now) ..

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